Home made mini chocolates

I have always wanted to try making chocolate at home. I finally bought a chocolate mould and decided to give it a go.

Ingredients :

Milk powder : 1 cup

Cocoa powder (unsweetened) : 4 tablespoons

Butter : 1 tablespoon

Sugar : 1 cup

Procedure :

Sift the milk powder and cocoa powder .

Melt the butter and keep it aside.

Mix the sugar with 3/4 cup of water and melt on a low flame. Keep stirring. Check for one string consistency with your fingers . Once the consistency is reached turn off the flame.

Mix the sugar syrup, butter and dry ingredients together. It forms a flowy chocolate batter.

Pour into moulds. Cool in th refrigerator for 2 hours. Do not freeze. (I noticed, the chocolate only got better the more it was refrigerated)

Remove carefully from moulds and store them in the refrigerator.






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