Chicken Sausage Meat Balls

This is my mother’s recipe. Spent the weekend at my mom’s place and gorged on some awesome food made by her. The only part i played in making this dish was rolling out the meat balls 🙂

These meat balls can be truly desi if dipped in curry (kheema balls). They can also turn continental if served with the right sauce.

Ingredients : (Serves 4)

Minced chicken : 1/2 kg

Chicken sausages : 4

Ginger shredded : 2 tablespoons

Garlic chopped : 2 tablespoons

Salt : According to taste

Onion chopped finely : 2

Green chillies chopped finely : 5

Garam masala : 2 teaspoons

Procedure :

Cook the minced chicken on a low flame with water for 20 mins. Instead of minced chicken, we can also use diced boneless chicken. Once the meat is cooked, mix all the ingredients (except sausages) in a bowl. Also, fry and mince the sausages. They can also be baked and then minced. Add the minced sausage to the bowl. Roll the meat into small balls, so that on frying the meat gets cooked through.


Carefully deep fry in oil till the meat balls turn golden brown.

Garnish with onion and coriander. Serve with sauce of choice.



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